Mrs. Adams diorama project


One of the many dioramas displayed

Yasmin Vizguerra, Reporter

  In Mrs. Adams class, her students made dioramas that are currently displayed in the library, showcasing many different ecosystems for their project. The class was prompted to pick an ecosystem and research all about that ecosystem that related to their lesson for the month.

“We learned about ecosystems this month and for their project they had to pick an ecosystem and make it into a diorama, and it’s better than taking a test on it.” said Mrs. Adams.

     The dioramas displayed showcase different ecosystems such as a desert, a pond, a forest, etc.

     “I was in the library a few days ago and saw the dioramas, they looked really cool,” said Sidney Smith (‘20).

     An ecosystem is a biological community made up of many living things as well as non living components that work together to make the ecosystem work like a clock. Ecosystems could be anywhere around us, like anything as small as a tree compared to a lake. Some of the ecosystems displayed in the library included a zoo, an arctic ecosystem, a desert ecosystem, among many more. To describe in detail, the students were prompted to first create a poster that would later resemble their ecosystem in their diorama.

     The posters are laid out in front of their corresponding diorama, the poster giving a little insight of  the ecosystem while the diorama provides a more in depth view of the ecosystem.

     Each student picked a different one, each showcasing many different personalities of her students.

     “I think it’s great that they get to showcase their creativity while still relating to the subject, making it better for them to continuously learn about the subject and showing others the same material. Personally, I feel projects are nicer than tests because you spend more time on it and get to add a personal touch to it that others can see.” said Yesenia Vizguerra (‘20).

     Mrs. Bankard, the school librarian, also helped the students in her class in choosing books on the different ecosystems each student was covering. She also helped some of the students to do research on their projects.

     Although students may not get a chance to showcase their abilities, Mrs. Adams class was able to do so, letting her kids bring about their personal touches to their projects. A special thanks is also given out to everyone who has taken the time out of their day to take a look at the students’ projects and to Mrs. Bankard who helped the students.