Google Drive Controversy

Google Drive Controversy

Natalie Abramat , News Editor

The district has been implementing new protocols and rules daily, and the students are beginning to struggle with the schools strict guidelines. Complaints are even pouring in with the schools newest rule. District 100 has restricted access to students by allowing them to only view their drive and school email through their personal chromebook and nothing else. Students feel the situation is starting to get out of hand.

   This is the deal. The district wants to restrict the access of what the students can see and do on their chromebooks. Go Guardian for example. It allows the teacher to view what the student is doing on their chromebook and to freeze it if they are doing something they shouldn’t. Teachers can have more control over what their students are doing if they are able to view all of their students chromebooks and that program is the perfect fit to ensure justice in the classroom.

     Another big issue students face is the amount of unnecessary blocked websites. Students are frustrated how they can only view what is “fit” for the school standards but when students need inspiration or do to research for certain topics, they can’t use their chromebooks. Pinterest, Facebook, Buzzfeed, any games and even specific videos on youtube are blocked. Personally, I think the school blocking all these websites is good and bad, for the right reasons.

     The district wants to protect students from hackers and unsafe content, but it’s the district’s job to educate us, not to parents us and slap our hands when we are doing something that isn’t relevant to our school work. The frustration only continues to grow though. The class of 2019 was the first senior class to receive chromebooks, which is great, but not. The senior class hadn’t had any technology advances or forms of personal laptops and was figured to be behind the learning curve, in the sense of not being up to date on the latest technology the district was pushing for. The frustration with the whole situation is students have to carry two different devices in order to access different things. I have to carry my own laptop so I can work on outside school work and only use my chromebook when I want to do school work. Not only is this a hassle, but chromebooks have horrible battery life, if you have too many tabs it slows down, Canvas and the distractions it brings when classes last year didn’t used to include any sort of technology and now it does. Let me explain these.

     Battery life is a must. I have to charge my chromebook at least three times a day, which is completely ridiculous. I don’t even charge my phone twice a day. The tabs and maintaining them are absolutely crazy as well. It’s just not fun in general. I have hated Canvas since the day is was introduced. It’s difficult, confusing and I just hate it in general. Now with this last one.

     I have felt so disconnected from all my classes since I’ve had my chromebook. I feel I am not even a part of the classroom anymore since everyone is looking at their screens and not the teacher. The fun thing about the classroom is the interaction portion of learning. Being in a group with other people working on a project is still fun even with chromebooks, but it does take away a huge aspect of figuring things out on your own. If you have all the answers at your fingertips, then there’s no point in working with other people or taking time for the research. Choir is a great example. Last year a majority of us didn’t have chromebooks and we were still able to learn and accomplish all the things without technology. Now all of us have chromebooks and can still do the same things as before, but just with the internet. I feel chromebooks take away the personal experience of learning with other peers and makes the teachers job less important.

     Back to what we were on before. The google drive and school email is no longer viewable or accessable on a students phone. The backlash for this issues is that students can’t go home and work on their personal things without having to use their chromebooks. Just viewing your school email requires you to download an app on your phone. Not only do I feel the school is violating my personal rights to have access to my files and emails, but I feel they want to have complete control over everything I do. The district wants to give students, their parents and teachers more control, but in all reality, it feels like they only want to restrict us more.