Mural Retouch


Students retouching mural

Matthew Turn, Reporter

In 2004 a mural in Belvidere was made by students for Veterans Day depicting each branch of the military. This was made to cover up a boarded window and was designed by former Belvidere High School art teacher Missy Minardi.

The original mural was completed on Veterans Day 2004 at the end of the Veterans Day parade. Troy Yunk, and students from the art department finished it on site.

Four years later another was made for Memorial Day after the parade next to the Veteran’s Day mural. That summer after four years the 2004 mural was understandably fading, so Minardi contacted the post commander Greg Kelm to see if Boylan High School Art Department and Belvidere North Art Department could work together to retouch the mural.

Ten years later on October 20 – 21 students with the help from photographs in 2004 set out to bring the now 14-year-old mural back to life once again. All three teachers guided the students with set up and clean up and even painting themselves.

As the members from North and Boylan started to paint, people within the community watched as the mural steadily came back to life.

The occasion was provided by the Belvidere VFW who supplied the paints and food for the students and teachers.

When asked about what was the hardest part of recreating the piece, it was not the actual painting but the weather,

When we were working on Saturday about halfway through the scheduled time to paint it started to snow and was very windy. The weather was better on Sunday, just a little cold,” said Troy Yunk.

Though the 2008 painting is 10 years old according to Yunk it is still in good shape and the next time it will need to be painted again is about five years.