Election Results for Illinois’ Midterm Elections

Election Results for Illinois Midterm Elections

Sofi Zeman, Editor-In-Chief

These are the official results from Illinois’ 2018 Midterm Elections.


J.B. Pritzker (D) will be the new governor of the state of Illinois after winning over 54.2% of the state on Tuesday night. Former governor Bruce Rauner (R) acquired 39.2% , while Sam McCann, a conservative and Kash Jackson, a Libertarian, trailed behind at 4.3% and 2.4%.


U.S. House:

Congressional districts and state representatives will be listed below. Note: Boone County is in District sixteen.


1 Rush (D)

2 Kelly (D)

3 Lipinski (D)

4 Garcia (D)

5 Quigley (D)

6 Casten (D)

7 Davis (D)

8 Krishnamoorthi (D)

9 Schakowsky (D)

10 Schneider (D)

11 Foster (D)

12 Bost (R)

13 Davis (R)

14 Underwood (D)

15 Shimkus (R)

16 Kinzinger (R)

17 Bustos (D)

18 LaHood (R)


Attorney General: Kwame Raoul won half of the state over, much like Pritzker, when she won the race for attorney general at 54.3%. Raoul (D), beat Erika Harold (R) and Bubba Harsy, a Libertarian.


State Congress: In the State Senate, Democrats won 22 of the 39 races in Illinois while Republican candidates won 15 spots. In the State House, Democrats won 71 of 118 spots and Republicans won 44.


Secretary of State: Jesse White (D) will continue to hold his place as Secretary of State for the state of Illinois after winning on Tuesday night at 68.0%.


Treasurer: Michael Frerichs (D)


Comptroller: Susana Mendoza (D)


Boone County Clerk: Julie Stapler (R)


Sheriff:  David Ernest (R)


County Board District 1:  Raymond R. Larson and Sherry Giesecke (R)


County Board District 2:  Jeffrey S. Carlisle and Karl Johnson (R)


County Board District 3: Cherie Bartelt (D) and Brad Stark (R)