Burke Cochran, Asst. Editor-in-Chief

College application season has started for North’s seniors. College-bound students are deciding where they would like to spend the next four years of their lives. Balancing features such as quality of education, financials, and how much they like the school, seniors are applying to schools all over the country.


The first major deadline for college applications is Early Action/Early Decision applications. Generally, these application deadlines are from mid-October to mid-November, but the most common deadline is November 1.


This article talks about a north student who applied to schools Early Action.


Lauren Shelton (‘19) applied to five schools, all early applications.


She applied to the University of Alabama at Huntsville and was given a full-tuition scholarship because of her test scores and GPA.


Shelton also applied to North Central College in Naperville, Illinois and was granted a scholarship amounting to half tuition.


Shelton got an email on Thursday, November 8, from Loyola University in Chicago. She was accepted with a scholarship. She received the Damen scholarship, which amounts to up to $21,000.


There are two schools Shelton has yet to hear from. This wednesday, Shelton applied to Roosevelt University in Chicago. She also applied to Georgetown University, which is located in Washington DC. Georgetown is a very selective school with an acceptance rate hovering just around 15%.


“My interview went really well, but I don’t have super high hopes for getting in. It’s just that the school is pretty selective,” said Shelton.


Shelton applied for most of the schools with a major of Political Science, but applied as a Government major at Georgetown.


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