Tragic Bus Stop Accident


Lily Bakulski, Sports Editor

October 30, 2018 marked the deaths of three young children, all of whom were siblings. Alivia Stahl, nine years old, and six year old twin boys, Xavier and Mason, were struck by a truck, in Indiana, while crossing the road to get onto their school bus. Maverick Lowe, 11 years old, was also hit by the oncoming truck and was airlifted to Fort Wayne, Indiana in critical condition. As the family of the three children are grieving their deaths, they are also bringing awareness to this tragic event.

The accident happened on State Route 25 in Fulton County, which is just 92 miles southeast of downtown Chicago. Before this tragedy occurred, a family friend stated that the mother of the three children who died had already tried to change the location of the bus stop because she was worried for her children. The school district did not agree, so her children were forced to cross the busy road to get to their school bus.

Authorities state that the stop arm of the school bus was sticking out when the bus first arrived at the stop. At this point, the kids were standing at their bus stop, waiting to get the go ahead to cross the street. Other children were walking ahead of the kids who were struck, just feet away from being hit as well. No children were present on the bus during the crash. Maverick Lowe is currently in stable condition at a hospital in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Alyssa Shepherd, 24 years old, was charged with three counts of reckless homicide and one count of passing a school bus which resulted in bodily injury. She was released on 15,000 dollars bond and returned to her place of employment.

The school district has decided to relocate the bus stop to Meiser Park, so that children will not have to cross the busy street. A transportation safety review committee will also be checking on other bus stops in the area to make sure that they are safe for children as well.