When Should Christmas Decorum Start?


Natalie Abramat , News Editor

 Christmas is quickly coming around the corner and everyone is starting to freak out. There are always those people who want to start decorating their house with crazy lighting and put up their trees by Halloween.  I have always been the person to wait until after Thanksgiving to start getting Christmas gifts, which is my first mistake.

     However, this story isn’t about what is the best time to buy Christmas gifts. It’s about when is the best time to actually put up Christmas decorations. For me, I am torn on this matter. I love Christmas, a lot. It may be one of my favorite holidays, but I like getting to celebrate Thanksgiving as a whole before celebrating anything holly and jolly. This year seems like the exception. It has already snowed in Belvitucky, so now my spirits are higher than they’ve been. I really don’t want to start putting up any Christmas decorations quite yet, but with snow covering the grass and the radio stations blasting those festive songs, it’s a little difficult to not want to set up a tree.

     Here’s the honest truth though. I think people should set up whatever decorations they want, whenever they want. I remember one year when I refused to take down my tree. Well, I also didn’t really have much time either, but it was February and my tree still hadn’t been taken down. It sat in the corner of my room and continued to sparkle it’s twinkling lights of Christmas joy.

     I think a majority of people put up their trees earlier because it makes them happy. It makes me freaked out though, cause I feel like I have to now rush to catch up with everyone. It also sucks when you have a birthday close to Thanksgiving and Christmas since you most likely get overlooked since everyone looks forward to the holidays rather than a birthday. But all is good with the world when you have something to look forward to right after you have your birthday.

     I know a few people already who have set up their trees and I know for a fact that they’re crazy. It isn’t even half way through November, and they want to jump right to December. I’m more shocked that in less than two months it will be 2019. The years seem to fly by when you’re older and Christmas seems to get less magical. I think that’s another reason people set up their decorations earlier. They want to satisfaction of accomplishing something significant and Christmas decorating gives you that happiness of getting it done. After you’ve set up the tree and plug the lights in, you get that warm feeling in your heart and you just want to start wrapping gifts right away. I just don’t think i’m quite ready for that yet. I personally won’t set up ANYTHING, until after Thanksgiving.

     Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year because of the annual monopoly game I play with my family, and for a lot of other reasons to of course. But mostly monopoly. It’s not that I don’t like Christmas all the same, I just like it for its own importance. It’s a tricky situation, trying to figure out if you’re gonna celebrate Christmas early or wait until after Thanksgiving. For me, I think people should wait and enjoy the time as it comes. There’s no need to rush the craziness of the Holidays any faster than it should. If you’re gonna be one of those people blasting Christmas music before Halloween, then we may actually have problems. For choir, we are learning Christmas music right after our fall concert and that is crazy enough as it is. There was a study that showed people who put up decorations earlier, were found to be happier. I mean, who doesn’t love a good cold winter day decorating the tree, making gingerbread houses and doing festive holiday stuff.

     As of right now, my answer stands. Decorating for the holidays before the holiday celebrating season even starts is really up to you. I won’t do it until after Thanksgiving, but if you have your tree up already, then way to go you. After all, Christmas has such a short time to celebrate, but there’s more to just decorating and being happy.