Truth or Dare review


Priscila Chavez, Reporter

     There really is no other way to say this but this 2017 version of “Truth or Dare” was pretty bad. Even though it came out earlier, approximately six months after the 2018 version, it was still cheesy and cliche. If the producers were trying to make the movie bad on purpose by trying to make fun of horror movies, then they succeeded. If not then, yikes.

     The movie goes about in which eight college kids go visit a supposed haunted house during their spring break. While they are on their break one of the students plans on playing the popular game of truth or dare in order to awaken past spirits. The film has all of your typical characters you would see in high school/college student type movies. You have the jocks, the preppy girls, the med student, the funny guys, and the outcasts.

     The opening scene starts off in the year 1983 where another set of teens played truth or dare there also. There are three rounds and each player has a certain amount of time to do the dare.  “If you don’t do the dare it does you,” is a quote which is repeated by the players when a friend refuses to do a dare or lies in the truth aspect of the game. The dares are made to be difficult and either cause you extreme pain or death. The point of the game is to get to the third round until only one person is alive. This also happened in the 80’s, when the other teens played it, only one member survived the game. This member of the game later gives the players that are still alive tricks to outsmart the “game,” her advice was to shares the dares. By this, she means if a dare requires a certain amount of things, more than one player should jump in to help others stay alive.

     Eventually, most of the characters die and get hurt in gory ways like pulling out teeth, eating each other’s burnt flesh, and playing Russian roulette. The players mostly were paying for sins while dying. For example, one character named Jessie who was the “newbie” to the friend group had a fear of insects then ended up dying by having thousands of cockroaches surround and suffocate her body until she died. The reason Jessie was irritating throughout the movie was that she was only watching out for herself and wasn’t willing to do her dares which were less painful and when all the others were willing to go through the pain for each other when Jessie wouldn’t even jump in.

     Overall, most of the characters were bad actors except for the two girls Alex and Maddie who are the last people alive. During the last round, they had to remove seven living body parts in seven minutes, which included the two girls removing their fingernails, earlobes, pinky fingers and toes. When the parts were removed they were good at acting out the pain but were suddenly fine 10 seconds later.

     After they were done Alex was trying to take her and Maddie to a hospital but suddenly the GPS in the car appears with the words “kill her” magically on the screen and with Alex refusing to kill her she drives into a tree at full speed with the movie ending. But during the end, you can hear both of them breathing informing the viewers that they are both alive. Also, the timeline of the film didn’t make sense and just seemed unrealistic and was pushing the thought of paranormal activity to the extent.