Midterm Outcomes


Citlalli Perez, Reporter

The Midterm Elections of 2018- what exactly do these elections mean for the country and its states? Well, I’ve never given my full attention to politics but these Midterm Elections were the most paramount ones in which to vote, understand the meanings behind them, and reveal the underlying meanings until the 2020 elections.

Midterms are held halfway between the presidential elections, which occur every four years. I view the midterm elections as the deciding factors in the well-known political cross-rivals: Republicans and Democrats. The outcome will be of benefits and disadvantage to state elect governors, state legislature seats, and especially the number of seats a political party may hold in the House and Senate.  

One thing for sure, the Democrats did a whole lot better than they did back in 2016; Democrats are winning the general ballot 50.7% to the 42% Republicans. Not to mention, the Democratic Party has taken control of the House of Representatives. This means the time when the American citizens will stop watching Donald Trump’s free ride from Congress.  

More so, the Democrats have elected 33 seats in the House, and there are still more votes to be counted. What’s left to be counted? There are still eight House races left to be determined and of the eight Democrats may very well win up to five.

I’m not the type of person who bounces back and forth from the losing and winning side, but I side with who I believe are of benefit to the citizens of America; that is why I side with my democratic parents. As I am a seventeen-year-old, I knew I wasn’t going to be able to vote these midterms, which is why I urged my family members to vote.

States like Georgia and Florida are primary state legislature seats and governor midterm elections across America, which will also determine President Donald Trump’s re-election bid in 2020. Georgia and Florida are seen as a majority red color, but these midterms it looks like Georgia might be heading into another round of voting.

Florida’s governor-elect, Republican Ron DeSantis, has placed a referendum on Trump. In other words, DeSantis tied with Trump. To me, this seems to be a political “scandal”; Donald Trump goes on twitter and tweets how DeSantis would, “make a GREAT governor of Florida.” This tweet will obviously have an impact on the citizens of Florida and whose name they place in the ballot box.

Next up, The State Governor of Illinois, Bruce Rauner an American businessman, philanthropist and a politician serving as the 42 Governor of Illinois since 2015. These midterms, Rauner lost the race to Governor-elect J.P. Pritzker.  

I’m actually really glad Rauner wasn’t elected again, because I don’t want others to make a joke of my home state. I’ve been hearing some information, not sure if its entirely correctly, but has Bruce Rauner really not been of benefit to the state of Illinois? He has Illinois state education funding overhaul approved over the summer, a private school scholarship program, he has signed a “clean energy bill, and more interesting a 32 percent state tax rate increase. A tax rate increase is not a good sign that a governor is placing the benefit of the citizens before himself.  

I heard from someone once, “If a state in the United States of American would go bankrupt, it would be Illinois.” Now this says a lot coming from a state which thrives in agriculture and certain aspects of the economy, but bankruptcy? I thought we had a somewhat stable economy.

After all, the 2018 Midterm Elections have benefitted the states, common people, number of seats in the House and Senate but has also placed a disadvantage to Trump, who will most likely be seeking re-election in 2020. The coming Presidential elections will be held in 2020; I will most definitely be voting as I have a voice like the rest of American citizens.