California Wildfires


Justin Trimble, reporter

     The past couple of weeks has contained devastating fires in the United States. The majority of which were in California. Authorities are frantically searching for almost 140 people who are missing after one of the deadliest wildfires in history.

     It started with a “Campfire” left unattended and then turned into a blazing massacre killing a total of 56 people. Authorities have found 6 more bodies on Tuesday. When the names of the missing and the victims came public, countless others joined in to help. The hours of searching is grueling work, but worth it.

     The spokesperson at the police department was concerned that the list of the missing was too long and calls from these people’s friends and families would overwhelm the police department’s phones.

     At this time we don’t know the exact number of people missing. The list that is currently published contained roughly 130 people.      The “Campfire” was located in Butte County, California. It’s has burned over 135,000 acres and has killed 56 people. The fire is 35% contained, however, it has destroyed 10,321 buildings.

     The reason that this fire is so contained is that of how much damage it has done to the community. The 56 people killed is the only reason necessary for this fire to be the nation’s number 1 priority.

     There is another fire in California. It’s called the woolsey fire and there have already been 3 deaths. The Woolsey fire is just northwest of Los Angeles. This fire has burned 98,362 acres. It is already 52% contained but there’s still a long way to go before this fire is out.

   The way that the community has come together and make money to help the victims families and friends is a reminder of how we can band together as Americans and remain strong during the difficult times.