Biggest Scandals of 2018

Biggest Scandals of 2018

Natalie Abramat, News editor

2018 has been filled with plenty of rigorous celebrity drama, including the recent drama between Offset and Cardi B. However, no other year has proved this much tension since 2012, when everyone was convinced they were going to die. No matter what celebrity is trying to grab the attention of the camera, there will always be something happening in Hollywood or around the world that contains some juicy stuff.

     In the beginning of the year, Kylie Jenner gave birth to a baby girl she named Stormi. The baby was born on February 4, after Kylie and Travis Scott hooked up for a while, confirming their love was indeed factual. Although the media always portrays the Kardashians in some sort of lime light, this was more of a positive outlook on Kylie, until allegations came up about who Stormi’s father was. The situation became sticky when people took to social media, claiming Kylie’s ex, Tyga was the baby’s dad. The drama continued until Kylie finally confirmed that Travis Scott was indeed the father of her child.

     During the summer, sexual allegations began to arise throughout the era of the #metoo movement. However, various people who have supported or founded the #metoo movement have found to be guilty of sexual allegations themselves. Asia Argento, Eric Schneiderman and the U.S. gymnastics team are a few examples. Asia Argento and Eric Schneiderman got entangled in sexual allegations and abuse cases after reports were published, causing the both of them to deny the claims automatically, even with evidence. Eventually, Schneiderman stepped down from his position. Asia Argento was also on the spotlight after an actor claimed she had sexually abused him. Argento denied the claims, but then paid him off years later after he attempted to sue her for $3.5 million dollars.

     As far as the U.S. Gymnastics team situation, the organization was found guilty of having a doctor on their staff who had allegedly abused, harassed and molested more than 350 athletes. It has been occurring for a few years, and it has caused various problems inside of the Gymnastics team. They ended up filing for bankruptcy and the CEO, Kerry Perry, resigned.

     Another shocking event that had occurred over the summer with the surprising engagement of Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson. But trouble brewed after the tragic death of Mac Miller, Ariana’s ex, and the couple called it quits after a few short weeks. It seems to be a prevailing thing for celebrity relationships to fall apart, then come back together. A similar situation arose with Cardi B and Offset’s latest breakup, after their baby Kulture was born and Offset’s almost threesome scandal.

     Lastly, the Facebook scandal has been known for causing a lot of problems throughout the year. Facebook has been under a lot of heavy scrutiny for its lack of privacy. Users are facing issues keeping their private lives actually private. There have been people on Facebook impersonating others and, because of this, the creator of Facebook is receiving backlash for doing nothing about the issues some are facing.

     Overall, 2018 has been filled with various issues, intense weather, crazy celebrities and hurt feelings. Hopefully, 2019 will shape up to be the year of not being offended by every single little thing to simply live life in peace.