Apple Being Sued For Alleged False Screen Size and Concealing Their Notch


Marissa Johnson, reporter

A lawsuit, which was filed in the Northern District of California on Friday, in hopes to prevent Apple from continuing it production of the iPhone X, XS and the XS Max. The main focus of the lawsuit is on the concealed notch, which is claimed that its plaintiff Courtney Davis was tricked by. The plaintiff also wants everyone who has bought the phone to receive compensation for the product they bought.

According to the lawsuit that was filed by Courtney Davis, the iPhone X screen is “only 5.6865 inches” due to the rounded corners, which is slightly smaller than Apple’s rated 5.8 inches. Due to the rounded corners and notch, the lawsuit claims that the real resolution of the device is 2195 x 1125, which is 10% less than Apple says it is.

If you went to Apple’s website to purchase an iPhone XS right now, you could do so without seeing a single picture of the phone with a notch. Apple’s decision to conceal the notch with a black wallpaper is illegally misleading. Other alleged lies include the screen size and resolution of the iPhone X series, which doesn’t consider the notch or curved corners.


A quick look through the spec sheet of any iPhone model will tell you if it has a notch or not. In regards to the screen size allegations, the Apple website says “when measured as a standard rectangle shape, the screen is 5.85 inches diagonally, actual viewable area is less.”


Apple’s marketing slogan “It’s all screen” is technically false, given that there are clearly still bezels surrounding the display, as well as a notch. Most of Apple’s marketing materials, renders, choice of wallpapers and angles are purposefully designed to hide the notch. Most of the claims are against standard marketing hyperbole or does not mislead buyers in a capacity that’s significantly impedes their enjoyment of the device.