Bears GM Pace is back in fans’ good graces


After his work had Bears fans calling for his job, Ryan Pace is back on top.

Will Sieracki, Reporter

Remember the song “Black and Yellow” by Wiz Khalifa? You’re probably thinking that song’s pretty old. And you’d be right in thinking that, considering the song came out in 2010. “Black and Yellow” was the #1 song in the country the last time the Chicago Bears won their division. It’s been a while.


Seasons past have been pretty hopeless since the Bears’ last playoff appearance. Bad head coaches like Lovie Smith, Marc Trestman, and John Fox have been at the front of that awfulness along with poor management decisions along with them. But this franchise turned a corner when the team hired Ryan Pace back in 2015 to be their new General Manager. He’s helped build this team into what it is this season: a division-winning defensive powerhouse that’s feared by the rest of the league. But fans didn’t always have such a high opinion of Pace. In fact, a lot of fans (myself included) were calling for his job. He had just come off a year where he had traded up to draft quarterback Mitch Trubisky, a move which many had questioned since there were two other more highly regarded prospects available at the position in Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes. He used a middle round pick on a guy many thought would be out of the league within a year in Tarik Cohen. His picks had many fans and analysts confused and angry. And the team went 5-11 in the next season, which didn’t help Pace’s job security either.

But then everything started looking up. The Bears already had a solid defense even with that 5-11 record, and then the team added linebackers Roquan Smith and Khalil Mack through the draft and a trade, respectively. They signed some additional pieces on offense in Allen Robinson and Trey Burton. And all of a sudden, the Bears looked like a team on the rise. Maybe they weren’t playoff quality just yet, but they would be very soon. But I think this team has exceeded everyone’s expectations. I really don’t think anyone foresaw this team being this good. The Bears look like a team that could push through all the way to the Super Bowl, and I know every Bears fan would love to see them do it.