Snow Angel Play Preview

Snow Angel Play Preview

Matthew Turn, Reporter

January 18 – 20 at the Performing arts center Belvidere North will host a play called Snow Angel. Admission is $7 and doors open Friday Saturday at 7 pm while the Sunday show starts at 2 pm.  The show will consist of a cast of sixteen people with most being returning members from previous plays.

Snow Angel’s main plot consists of multiple characters and their search to find someone named Eva played by Anna Karl (‘20) who was seen by social outcast Frida Jensen, played by Faith Taylor (‘20).  At first, people don’t believe her until more and more people claimed to have spotted a girl walking through the forest in the middle of winter. As the group goes into the woods to find her we see the group share their own experiences that they have had with Eva, and by doing so reveal the truth about Eva. the play will have props along with some background displays to get the crowd into the show.

North’s theatre department typically has a theme every year and this year’s theme is “Is seeing believing?” With their first play, Harvey, it is whether Harvey does or doesn’t exist. With Snow Angel, the same thing can be said as the teenagers need to find out if Eva is real or not, which can be interpreted differently based on how the audience views it.

The major “antagonist” would be Crank played by Mark Magallanes (21’) as he is blamed for many offenses and is an overall bully.

“Being the “villain” is fun even if they always lose in the end. It is always interesting to experiment with the character to find out what works and what doesn’t, said Magallanes.

Kaitlyn Roth (‘21), who is playing Venessa, said: “Our play is going to turn out really good this year as I think the cast tried their hardest to memorize the story and the ideas that we have put into the play and I hope that the audience appreciates it.”