Boys Bowling


The boys bowling team has been off to a great season.  A sojourn to the Abraham Lincoln Museum in Springfield and doing well at the Baker competition were the highlights of the Belvidere North boys bowling team’s trip to O’Fallon on December 28-29.

“The O’Fallon tournament was a fun experience to get ready for the state tournament.  I didn’t do as great as I would have liked to at the start, but in the end our team came together and bowled really well in the baker games. Overall it was a fun tournament,” said Justin Bragg (‘19).

North averaged 181 over 16 Baker games at the Panther challenge, which put them in seventh place overall in that category and safeguard its 11th-place finish in the 40 team field.

Cal Taylor (‘20) rolled the first seven strikes in game 2 and ended with a score of 243. North was in twelfth place after the team competition.  Taylor was a huge asset to the team with a 617 series, 97 points above Gabe Lord (‘20), whose 200 last game gave him a 520 series total.

The Panther Challenge was a low-scoring event due to the challenging lane pattern.

North hooked up consecutive games of 208 and 213 in set three of the Baker format, making it a highlight for the team.  North missed the top eight roll-offs by 57 pins and totaled 5,480 pins on the day.

Every bowler is responsible for two frames in an aggregate team game in the Baker style. The first bowler rolls the first and sixth frames, the second bowler the second and seventh, and so on.

On Friday the team stopped in Springfield for a two and a half hour tour of the Abraham Lincoln Museum.

The bowlers enjoyed the trip by getting to see what going to state is like.  The experience will come in handy if the team advances to the state tournament.

The USBC tournament was definitely a challenge for the team.  The tournament put out difficult scoring conditions that required accuracy and speed control, and exceptional shot-making to succeed.

North averaged 149.9 per bowler for their three games.  

North came back and performed better on the short-oil pattern in the morning session averaging 154.4 on the 36-foot oil pattern.

But the long oil was a major challenge.  No bowler shot higher than 180, which made the team’s average 145.3 per man.

Justin Bragg had North’s high game with 233 in the opener, but struggled thereafter with no score higher than his 168 in the final game.  Next-Highs were Taylor with 181, Nole Hefty (‘21) with 180 and Lord with 176.