The 2019 Golden Globes, or How Not to do an Awards Show

Seriously, who thought this pairing was a good idea?

Seriously, who thought this pairing was a good idea?

Will Sieracki, Reporter

     This time of year is awards season for the movies and tv shows of 2018 to get the recognition they deserve. At least that’s what’s supposed to happen. Every year, certain shows and movies may not win awards or even receive nominations even if they were excellent. There are always snubs like these, but this year’s Golden Globe Awards shocked many.


     But before I get into what won and what didn’t, let’s start with the hosts. One popular opinion is that awards shows like this one, the Oscars, and the Emmys don’t need a host/hosts. They’re unnecessary and add nothing to the actual show. In some years I’ve disagreed, like Seth MacFarlane’s try at hosting the Oscars in 2013 or the years where Ricky Gervais hosted the Golden Globes. This year’s Golden Globe hosts were Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh, and they changed my mind completely on this topic. The jokes they made were unfunny and cringeworthy for the most part, and then they mercifully disappeared not even halfway through the broadcast. Making things even weirder was when Sandra Oh won Best Actress in a Television Drama for BBC America’s Killing Eve. The hosts are usually not nominated for any awards at the show they’re hosting, and I’ve felt that was by design.


     And now we’re at the part where I recap what won and what didn’t. The biggest surprise was A Star is Born, which was nominated for several awards including Best Motion Picture- Drama, Best Actor in a Motion Picture Drama, Best Director for a Motion Picture, and Best Actress in a Motion Picture Drama. The table representing the A Star is Born cast was even put in the front, right next to the stage, presumably to make a shorter walk for leads Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. Huge success was predicted because of the film’s critical acclaim, but the only award taken home by A Star is Born Sunday night was Best Original Song, an award that the film had virtually no competition for. The film that won more than it was projected to was Bohemian Rhapsody, which took home Best Motion Picture- Drama and Best Actor in a Motion Picture- Drama (Rami Malek.) The whole auditorium was stunned; even the producer of the film accepting the award for Best Motion Picture- Drama said that it was “unexpected.” Glenn Close won Best Actress in a Motion Picture- Drama for the film “The Wife,” and she was obviously unprepared for the win because of her rambling, tear-filled acceptance speech.


     The worst moments of the night were commercials and certain acceptance speeches. There were so much advertising to the point where five minutes of commercials would air after one winner being announced. The people putting on the show always worry about the runtime, but they never seem to consider cutting back on the commercials. The blame for running over the time limit doesn’t fall squarely on the ads, though. Peter Farrelly, the director of Best Picture- Musical or Comedy winner Green Book, took the stage and proceeded to talk on and on. When the orchestra starts playing, that’s the cue for you to finish up and leave the stage. Farrelly, rather than taking the hint, proceeded to tell the orchestra to stop playing, which is a ballsy move for someone whom many people believe didn’t deserve to win. He then continued on for another 3 minutes. The biggest time waster of the night came from Regina King, the winner for Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture for If Beale Street Could Talk. Rather than wrapping up her speech, she continued to speak right through the orchestra cue. She tried to say something profound by pledging that the crew and producers of all her upcoming films are going to consist of 50% women. Which is fine, but it would’ve been better if she had taken less time to do it.


     Overall, this year’s show was pretty bad and borderline unwatchable at times. I usually like watching the shows because I like to know right away who wins what. After this, I might just check Twitter to see the winners.