Next Year Class Selection

Next Year Class Selection

Many new class changes are upcoming for the 2019-2020 school year, including weighted grades in AP classes. This means if you get an A in an AP class then you get a 5.0 GPA for that specific class. In addition, the price for the AP tests has changed as well. It has previously been $95 but now the price has changed to $15 for the upcoming school year.

Also, there’s going to be a lot more blended classes this year there were a few but next year they are adding lots more. Blended classes are classes that don’t always need to be taught because of how the class is run. They get taught something simple and their work expands on it. Their work would usually take them all week to work on. They will meet up only a few times throughout the week.

Some changes from this year to next year are that the seniors will be gone, but all in all, we will all be there someday and there will be new incoming freshman students. Their classes will be taken according to what they choose and what they need to graduate. Most of their classes will be required classes, including Math, English, Biology, and World History. They also have to take Career Planning. Obviously, there are exceptions to this schedule as some students may take accelerated and even AP classes.

Each student’s schedule is a little bit different, but freshman can’t take classes like newspaper or yearbook until they take the half credit of the Journalism Introduction class. Sophomores usually take the required Consumer Ed class, and juniors are required to take US History. Seniors usually only need 3-5 credits, because if they worked hard the past three years they just have to take enough classes to make the 24 credit minimum to graduate.

If you work hard your freshman through senior year could be a walk in the park. This school sets you up for an easy senior year perfectly if you work hard and get as many credits as you can early on. This leaves an easy senior year, with some time to focus on college selections, scholarship opportunities, and possibly work, or more time for sports.

Required credits for graduation include two science credits, four English credits, two history credits, four math, two language classes such as Spanish or German. Eight elective credits are required, as well as 7 semesters of PE unless you are interested and eligible to waiver out. You can take every class possible in the day for the first 3 years of high school and by your senior year, you only need 3 credits.

Overall prepare your classes based on what careers you are interested in, and if you plan on taking any AP classes to potentially get college credit, it may be a good idea for sophomores, juniors, and seniors to enroll in some more challenging classes, especially since these college-level courses have weighted grades now. Consider your choices carefully, and have a great year, BNHS!