Girl’s Basketball 9-3 in Conference


The girls basketball team has put in a lot of time and effort into this season.  North is currently 9-3 in conference and are looking to improve.

North played Hononegah Saturday, January 12 at home.  Hononegah always puts up a good fight and is a tough team to play.  The girls were strong while playing against them and put up a good fight, but unfortunately took a hard fought loss 56-76.  On the bright side, everyone got a decent amount of playing time. The team calls this type of game a “game of runs” because it would always go back and forth between each team that would score.

The girls played Guilford Tuesday, January 15 at home.  They were unsure of what to expect going into the game since Guilford beat Auburn who they also beat.  Going into the game, the team held Guilford 10-0 within the first couple of minutes. Throughout the whole game, North was up at least 13 points which helped them in the end, the final score was 59-38.  It was a good win with Madison Dierkes (‘20) having 18 points and Brianna Lake (‘19) having 23.

“Right now we are 9-3 in conference and 15-7 overall.  We got second in the Reindeer games hosted by Boylan. We beat back to back state champ Geneva in the beginning of the season, and our three tough losses in conference have been to Boylan and Hononegah.  Hononegah beat us twice and Boylan beat us by only two points, we play Boylan again on Wednesday,” said Jocelyn Callahan (‘20).

The girls played Harlem for a second time Thursday, January 17 at home.  The team started out a little nervous because Harlem has always been great competition.  Each girl had to take on a role that they were not used to due to Callahan, the point guard, being out with an injury.  The bench was alive the whole game making sure to tell their teammates what is happening when they couldn’t see something as well on the court.  In the end, they came out with a win 58-36. The team is now 9-3 in conference.

“I think this is a very successful year for our team.  We are more than 500 in conference and overall I believe we will achieve 20 wins at the end of the conference season.  I believe we are a hard working team and we respond well to new challenges as a team and never back down from a battle.  We just played the second ranked team in the state, and even though we lost, we played very hard and never gave up. We were only down by ten at half time,” said Callahan.