Snow Angel Review

Snow Angel Review

Matthew Turn, Reporter

On January 18th through the 20th The play Snow Angel kicked off ironically with a blizzard hitting Illinois on the day of the play, which perfectly matched the setting of the entire play with there being a blizzard that hits the town and the weird things that happen while it snows. The cold and bitterness stayed throughout the duration of the showings.

Despite the storm, there were still many that attended the 45-minute play at some point with the largest crowd being on Saturday.

The show went well with each show with little to no errors except some falling props that were almost unnoticeable or just amplified the emotions of the characters. Each character was able to convey their eccentric personalities in the interesting scenario that they are in.

Eva played by Anna Karl (20’) as she played the character as if it were a mirror reflecting the personalities of each cast member giving depth to her character while also developing the other characters like Crank who was played by Mark Magallanes (21’) who was more the antagonist as he steals, lies, and does anything to get his way.

When asked what his favorite part of being this character Mark stated,

“My favorite part of playing Crank had to be acting a part that was the exact opposite of my normal personality.” Mark Magallanes (21’).

Even though the truth about Eva is revealed she doesn’t lose value for the story and brings others together not only for the cast but for the audience as she not only brings comedy but brings warmth and happiness.