Super Bowl LIII Pregame


Sunday, February 3rd, 2019 save the date. That’s the day that the mud hits the fan and the players hit the field for Super Bowl 53.

The Rams went 13-3 this season tying the saints for the best record in the NFL. the Rams started the season off right with a hot streak of 8 wins. Being knocked out by their biggest competitors this season the saints. It was a tough loss for the rams and all their fans. But they took that loss and learned from it. The Rams went on to win 3 more games after that then losing to the Bears then the Eagles. Then beating the Cardinals, Then the 49ers. That concluded their reign of terror in the NFL for the regular season. Off to the playoffs.

The Pats went 11-5 this season reigning over the AFC East. the pats had a few good games to start the season winning 3 out of their first five games. Brady leading the charge, everyone is questioning whether or not he is the best quarterback ever?. Others are wondering if he will be done after this year riding off into the sunset winning 6 super bowls in all.

He says there is a 00.00% chance that the super bowl will be the last game he plays but anything could happen.

The rams don’t have any problems rolling with their defense to stop the so-called goat offense. Their defense has had averaged 3 sacks this year every game. The Pats offense is going to strike averaging a whopping 393.4 yards a game.

Overall have fun this Superbowl competing with family and being safe a little boasting never hurt anyone but be kind, fair, and respectful to everyone you celebrate with.