Scribe Literacy Magazine Hits the Shelves


From left to right: Izzy Perez (’20) and Caitlin Bradford (’20).

Citlalli Perez , News Editor

Belvidere North’s literary magazine, Scribe has recently published their first magazine and in honor of the special occasion, publishers and members of Scribe will be hosting an “Open Mic Night” on a to-be-determined date.

Scribe is currently run by some North English teachers, including Mrs. Marinaro, Mrs. Torbert, and Ms. Smiley. Along with the administration, Scribe consists of two Editor-and-Chief members, Caitlin Bradford (‘20) and Izzy Perez (‘20). In total, there are nine active members of the magazine staff.

Most students aren’t aware that Scribe was established back in 2007 when the school originally opened, but over the years the involvement in the school’s magazine declined, which put a hold on the club name. Things changed when the 2018-2019 school year came around and Mrs. Marinaro brought back the idea to the administration about relaunching Scribe.

I think Scribe has allowed us to put a spotlight on student work, specifically when it comes to literature. We have been able to take the submissions and put them together to create another piece of art essentially. I hope that we continue to grow and receive even more submissions so that we can continue to shine even more light on some of the fantastic writers we have at North” said Caitlin Bradford (‘20).

Back in October of 2018, Scribe welcomed students to submit their artwork, short stories, poems, song lyrics, and just about anything else that would fit under a literacy tab, that would later be published in the clubs first magazine. In total, Scribe editors received over 30 submissions from students.

From late November to early December the team of editors set forth to create layouts and skeletons for the Scribe magazine, and came in contact with various local companies in regards to donations for the publications and to finalize stories and poems.

“Scribe has been a wonderful experience, and as Editor-in-Chief, I’m proud to say that our team has done a great job putting our magazine together and coming together as a group, ” said Izzy Perez (‘20).

After returning from winter break, the countless hours at the computer monitor paid off as the team finalized the magazine and sent it out to a printing company where Scribe’s “first” magazine would be created.

In addition to the finalized magazine, the team hopes to create an online website where they can publish student work, pictures of the team, events, and the published magazine for the community’s viewing.  

Look and listen around, for Scribe is looking to create a second literacy magazine and that means more student work will be needed! Also, don’t miss Scribe’s Open-Mic Night which is still to be determined on a date.