Blue Thunder Tickets


Blue Thunder Bolt Ticket

Belvidere North High School is starting up a ticket system that some may remember from their elementary or middle school days.

Belvidere North is re-establishing a ticket system where it if a student does something good then their teacher can award them a Blue Thunder Bolt ticket the student can then put the ticket in a box in the library which will then be pulled see who wins a prize. The prizes will vary from week to week or month to month depending on which box you choose.

Even though these tickets have returned, many people do not know about it. when asked around many students did not know that this was even a thing. They just saw these tickets and did not know what they were. There were some who received them but had no idea what to do with them despite announcements when this first started, saying what they should do with the tickets. As more time passes there will be more and more awareness about these tickets.

The tickets themselves almost seem a bit childish as these were used in the elementary and middle schools and for some time were used in this school before they got rid of it. It almost seems as students are being treated more like children in order to act the way they should already.

One concern if some remember from middle school is if someone decides to they have the ability to photocopy the ticket if they take it home. This used to be an issue in middle school and can carry on into high school if no precautions are taken such as changing the paper used to something that cannot be easily photocopied. If something is not done the same thing can happen again.

As I said before the system used to be in place when the school first opened but was taken away later for unknown reasons. Though the exact reason for why these are back isn’t exactly known, it is a nice thought to have your good actions recognized by getting a gift/reward even if it’s only a chance that you will get rewarded for it.

Having these tickets can be bad or good depending on how the school handles it. if they keep tedious work on it then it will be good for everyone if they do not pay attention to it it can become ruined for everyone.