Most Talked About Super Bowl Moments


Super Bowl 2019 is now in the books.  It was definitely an adequate game played to completion.  The records were boring with a final score of 13-3, being the lowest-scoring game ever.  Johnny Hekker of the Rams also kicked a 65-yard punt, the longest punt in Super Bowl history.  You know the game was boring when the most notable play of the night was a punt.

Many people had opinions on Adam Levine’s halftime show.  Levine slowly molted throughout the show, shedding a jacket, another jacket, and finally a tank top until he was bare-chested in front of everyone.  Levine being shirtless did not sit well with some fans. Lets just say they expressed how they felt through twitter.

Spongebob fans got a ‘Sweet Victory’ … sort of.  In terms of surprise guest appearances, the most anticipated act of the night was definitely Spongebob Squarepants.  Due to Spongebob’s creator, animator Stephen Hillenburg, passing away last year, over a million fans signed a petition to get a song from Nickelodeon series played at the Super Bowl halftime show in honor of Hillenburg.  Spongebob fans were on the edge of their seats waiting to see if their wish would be granted, and they were very optimistic when the song ‘Sweet Victory’, a sports power ballad performed by Spongebob and his friends, started to play.  A few seconds of the clip aired, leading into Travis Scott’s halftime entrance. Some fans were disappointed by the brevity of the Spongebob cameo, but others were thrilled that spongebob appeared at all. Everyone else was just confused.

Another thing people are talking about, is that the NFL tried way too hard to address social justice.  The NFL paid tribute to host Atlanta’s rich civil rights history by inviting congressman John Lewis, former Mayor Andrew Young and Bernice King, the youngest child of Martin Luther King Jr,. onto the field for the pregame coin toss. The league also started off the coin toss by showing a short clip honoring King.  It all ended up making sense when people realized Atlanta was King;s hometown and February is black history month. But during a time when everything is being politicized, few and small gestures are ever simple. Many people watching felt the MLK clipstruck discordant note giving the ongoing tensions surrounding the NFL’s stance on Colin Kaepernick and other players kneeling during the National Anthem to protest systemic racism.