Girls are now in the Boy Scouts of America


Justin Trimble, reporter

There’s a lot of people out there who look at this topic and immediately think “why that’s so dumb”. Before doing research on this would have agreed, But now I see that there are things that are right about this change. People wanting to put minds over matter, per se call themselves boys but it’s about what the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) actually do.

BSA was an organization for children, specifically boys, to learn tracking, hunting-gathering, basic survival, and overall social skills that would help young boys throughout their lives in making decisions who to trust what to do in emergency situations, and even the simplest of tasks like climbing.

There’s actually a great deal of overlap among the different badge skills, including camping, car maintenance, first aid, fitness, budgeting, and even robotics. However, the Boy Scouts have some badges that focus on broader themes such as communication, which includes elements of writing, speaking and blogging among others. Alternatively, the Girls Scouts offer specific badges for things like screenwriting and novel writing.

Some of the main reasons BSA has made this change is because there was a great deal of trouble for parents to bring their children from one place to the other.he better program was clearly BSA by going over more life skills and crafting. This allowed for children to be the best they could be, so moms across the country didn’t hesitate to sign their little girl up.

“I believe that there are people in this program now, that don’t regard the fact that it’s a better program. However, they do believe that because they are in the “BOY” scouts of America that qualifies as being a boy in their own lives. The name Boy Scouts is pretty” stated by an anonymous student at BNHS.

Some say that the BSA needed to get out of financial debt, but  I have not read anything about any court orders or any laws. Believe what you want to believe but from what I have read they made this switch for all the right reasons.