March Seminars

March Seminars

Yasmin Vizguerra, Reporter

During three weeks of March beginning on March 4, seminars are being offered for 90 minute sessions each week  to encourage students to learn about topics outside of what are considered traditional learning topics.

     These seminars are offered for individual sessions for each of the dates, or sessions that provide longer insight on the topic over the course of the three days.

     Seminar topics range from SAT and ACT score improvement, athletics in college, fun topics about games, probability and winning, pretzel making, and many more unconventional topics outside of the normal curriculum realm.

     “I think it’s a fun idea and I was excited to do the escape room the most but I’m disappointed that a lot of them filled up quickly.” Haley Stastny (‘19).

     Students can also use the time that would be for the seminars to catch up on schoolwork with a study hall, where teachers will be there to assist students.

     During the first seminar, on March 4, beatboxing is taught by Dr. Vermillion that captures the “vocal percussion” of beatboxing. Also offered is beginner dance with Mrs. Morris for students who have an interest in dance. Other seminars include careers in the military, cosmetology, an escape room, history of the Berlin wall, finding balance in life, knitting, learning to draw using the right side of the brain, starting your own business with an entrepreneur coming to speak, Alfred Hitchcock films, personality types, understanding the college application process, a writer’s workshop, and wargames.

     On March 15, history of the Chicago Bears is offered with Mr. Glennon, providing an insight on the franchise. Careers with animals, another escape room, CPR training, professions within the school setting, intermediate dance, learning how to swim, songwriting workshop, and what makes a winner win are all offered the second seminar day.

    The last seminar on March 20 offers a seminar on addressing mental health with Scheidegger and Chennel. Veterinary careers is also offered, along with the escape room, a Spanish seminar, customer service at Disney, fitness dance, automotive maintenance, history of the Chicago Cubs, manipulating news through statistics, road construction, and technology (the good, the bad, and the ugly).

     There are also seminars that are offered for all three days that range from AP exam prep to playing Dungeons and Dragons.

     AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Environmental Science, and AP Physics C are all the AP classes with review seminars that are offered all three days, which will help students prepare for AP exams in the month of May.

     Alternative history is with Mr. Page, which dives into writing and reading about alternative history events and to learn more about the Japanese bombing that happened after Pearl Harbor.

     Mr. Sbertoli and Mr. Laud have a seminar about building and physics where students can design mechanisms by using the laws of Physics to their advantage.

     Mr. Fry is offering a seminar about genealogy and understanding the family tree, where students will research their own family tree and possibly even build one.

     Mr. O’Hara will have seminars all about the game Dungeons and Dragons, going over rules, history, teams, drive a narrative for the game, and play the game.

    Mr. Jenkins has sessions about hip-hop, diving into the history of the genre of music and how it has evolved from New York and spread to the rest of the world.

     Mr. and Mrs. Geraci have the seminars all about science in history, detailing about the black plague and other illnesses throughout history and research about how science was even misused throughout history.

     Sign language is also offered throughout the three day seminar period where students can learn the basics about American Sign Language.

    “I’ve been wanting to learn sign language for a while, I  feel like it’s important for me to learn how to communicate with those who also know and I’m glad that they offered that for me,” said Mariana Cardoso (‘19).

     Mr. Husser and Mrs. Foster have a seminar dedicated to empowering women through athletics and exploring the history of when women were first allowed to be in sports and how it has evolved since.

    Overall, these seminars are designed to teach students about interesting topics and offer different learning experiences that aren’t typically discussed in the classroom. Students must finish choosing their seminar options by Tuesday, February 26.