Scribe anticipates another literacy magazine


Citlalli Perez, News Editor

Don’t have anything planned the evening of March 1. Then come on down and join Belvidere North’s literacy magazine, Scribe in the black box for an “Open-Mic Night” as contributors share their stories, publishers talk about a second magazine for this semester, and anyone could purchase their own physical magazine, which is costing roughly around $1.75.  Refreshments will be provided for all who are in attendance.

Scribe is currently run by three North English teachers, including Mrs. Marinaro, Mrs. Torbert, and Ms. Smiley. Along with the administration, Scribe consists of three Editor-and-Chiefs, Caitlin Bradford (‘20), Izzy Perez (‘20), and Allison Brynolf (‘22). In total, there are nine active members of the magazine staff.

“I am so proud to be part of such an incredible team. We have worked so hard on our latest magazine and I am so happy for you guys to see. I am also excited for Open Mic on March 1, please come out and support all our talented people at Belvidere North High School,” said Selena Hernandez (‘20).

Back in October of 2018, Scribe welcomed students to submit their artwork, short stories, poems, song lyrics, and just about anything else that would fit under a literacy tab, that would later be published in the clubs first magazine. In total, Scribe editors received over 30 submissions from students.

This semester, the team hopes in receiving more submission that hits every department and we’re already accepting any work from students. In order to release another magazine before the school year ends, April 11 is the deadline to turn in any submission.

“Scribe is a great way to let artists express themselves as much as they can from the first word of a poem to the first marking on their sketch pad. I think for the first draft is was exceptional, because there was a printing error but we got it fixed. I will say that our next prints will look more colorful and professional,” said Yaratzen Avila (‘20).

Although there were many problems with the thickness of the pages and random splotches of ink throughout the magazine, the printing company resolved most of the problem and resent a new batch of magazines.

Look and listen around, for Scribe is looking to create a second literacy magazine and that means more student work will be needed! Also, don’t miss Scribe’s Open-Mic Night on March 1.