Men’s Volleyball

Mens Volleyball

Nico Arena, Reporter

It’s the time of year that many are waiting for, volleyball is coming back to high school. Men’s volleyball tryouts were last week. Came out and shown coaches what they got. If you didn’t know already, North has a combined team with Belvidere High School, so if you have any friends across town they probably tried out too! The boys look to have a winning record this year and are looking to compete farther at their regional tournament, where they won their first regional game against Lakes HS. This shows people that cross town rivals can put aside the rivalry and that they have what it takes to be a good team. This year they are just going to have to have great team play, communication, and even better commitment.

The main question boys ask themselves before they try out is, volleyball is a girls sport, why would I even think of it. The answer is its not, most male volleyball players that are committed can’t play another sport because the workload is so heavy you don’t have the time or even the energy. Also, volleyball is a great sport to receive acknowledgment and could even lead into a scholarship for the NCAA. Volleyball is also an Olympic sport for men so one day you could even “Go for Gold” one day.

Coach Oldani says that the best part of coaching is showing them real volleyball. Most boys are introduced to volleyball in gym class but there is much more to the game to know as well as competition level is a lot greater. He also says that because of that reason they deal with a lot of fundamentals the first couple weeks to get the boys rotating and hitting the right way.

Colton Williams (19’) says “Last year we were a very young team, we had good moments and bad moments but I believe the future is bright and I feel that we have potential to be very good this year with the talent we have.”

Good luck to everyone on the team, go out and make our town proud. For those that didn’t make the team, stay hungry, stay in the gym and don’t be afraid to come out next year.