Cultural Differences at North

Cultural Differences at North

Yasmin Vizguerra, Reporter

    At North, many students come from various backgrounds and experience different things compared to the person sitting next to them, which makes North unique.

     The majority of the student body at North is from white descent, while minority groups include Hispanic, African-American, and Asian students.

     All students are very different from everyone else, most of them falling in only one category. However, North has seen an incredible increase in minority groups from when the school first opened in 2007.

     “From when I began teaching to now, the number of minority students has increased, I remember I had two Hispanic students when I first started and now I have a variation of every different type of student in my classes,” said Ms. Klein, a science teacher at North for 12 years.

      Clubs at North vary as well, some targeting certain groups and others for inclusion of all different types of students.

      W club is an all boys club at North run by Mr. Yunk for community service. On the other hand, Zonta is a boys and girls club at North run by Mrs. Rathbun and Ms. Klein that does the same and also empowers women and men through activities to include all students.

      Spanish club at North is for Spanish-speaking students, with the majority of the students being Hispanic Spanish-speaking female students with some students of white descent who have learned Spanish that also do activities, some community service, and other activities that relate to Spanish and Hispanic culture. In the springtime, Spanish club members exchange pen pal letters with local elementary schools with Spanish-speaking kids and also go on a field trip to grant the students in attendance the opportunity to experience actual Hispanic culture. In the early fall, a student in the club organized an event involving the traditional Day of the Dead celebration in October, which was a tribute to the community.

      “I personally love Spanish Club because I get to see my friends on trips and stuff, and it’s also nice to know that there’s a club specifically for your culture that surrounds itself around your culture and you can do many things with this club that I think are super fun,” said Mariana Cardoso (‘19).

       German honors society is also an extracurricular opportunity that is offered at North for German-speaking students.

      “I love German honors because it’s a privilege to be apart of and it’s a cool opportunity to be a trilingual fluent speaker,” said Selena Hernandez (‘20).

       Spanishs honors society is the other foreign language honors society offered at North that also do activities surrounding the club, including some community service.

       Regardless of what is offered at North, differences in the student body, that being cultural or not, unite the student population even more.