the top places to take prom pictures this year


Justin Trimble, reporter

When attending prom this year you need to make sure that you have all the necessities. A dress, a suit, a ride, and an after party. But before you go to prom, it’s typical that parents want to take pictures of you and your date. We all know that these pictures have to be taken so you shouldn’t make them look bad. You should make them at least look like you are enjoying the “best years of your life”.

You and your date need the best pictures possible. The most common places, that can sometimes also be the worst, are your front porch, the bottom of your staircase, and those terribly cheesy pictures in a photo booth at prom.

There is a large variety of places to take your pictures in the 815. Belvidere and Rockford offer a lot of woodlands and cornfields. Nature pictures by a creek can be a good option. One very popular place to take pictures is the new Javon Bae hospital on Riverside; they have a beautiful background view along with canopies and water fountains.

Belvidere park is always a great option too as there are so many locations there with beautiful bridges along with the potential for some wildlife. If you are feeling really adventurous, you can go out to Rock Cut State Park and take a picture in front of the big, beautiful lake that would make a nice long landscaping background.

Living by a natural landscape can also be an easy way to take pictures. For example, a picture around Candlewick lake sitting on a swinging bench would be a great place to take that picture, but you would need to be invited into the gated community and know someone who lives on the water.

Any option works for taking prom pictures. The only thing that matters is that prom is the night you look back on and never forget. Even if you really can’t remember it all.