Mrs.Taylor is Stepping Down

Mrs.Taylor is Stepping Down

Matthew Turn, Reporter

After the showing of the musical Peter Pan, big waves were made in the theater group with Mrs.Taylor making an announcement that she will be stepping down from teaching theater and being the director of plays.

The reason she left was not because of theater itself but because there are changes coming to the math department and as she is the head of the math department administration need someone fully committed in the position.

Even with her stepping down, Mrs. Taylor will still be involved in theater by being the head of the Improv team and leader of Thespians for at least one more year. She is still going to be somewhat involved with plays and musicals.

With Taylor stepping down a new teacher will become the head of the theater group. North has recently posted this job and will be collecting resumes and interviewing after spring break. To ensure the group gets what Taylor wants for them she will be a part of the interviewing process.

This surprised everyone because she had not told anyone beforehand and it showed. There were some students who were crying about it on their way to their next class because they would no longer be with their favorite teacher.

When asked if she will miss the position of being the theater teacher Taylor responded,

“Though I’m not fully closing the door on being involved in theater, since I have announced that I will not be the theater teacher any more students have come up to me and said how this class affected them, and when I hear this it is like pin pricks to the heart, but I just hope they get someone in here who has the energy, enthusiasm, and excitement that I hope I gave.”