Seminars: Are They Worth It?


Rachel Nelson, Sports Editor

On March 4, 15, and 20 North hosted seminars. Those ranged from learning about the Berlin wall to learning Chicago Bears history, to pretzel making, and even knitting. While there were some fun ones, there were also some not-so-fun ones.

“I did the History of the Berlin Wall, history of the Chicago Bears, and history of the Chicago Cubs. My favorite was the history of the Chicago Bears. I had fun in my seminars and I wouldn’t mind doing them again,” said Ian Hartle (‘20).

The seminars each lasted an hour and a half. To some, that was too long of a time period for their seminar. In Improving Your ACT/SAT, some students said that it was boring. They didn’t think that they really learned anything new.

At the beginning of the school year, there was a chance to make suggestions for what the seminars would be. It was said over the announcements, but many students can’t hear the announcements.

Other students had some fun seminars, like the escape room or watching Disney movies. They all enjoyed those seminars and would love to do them again.

Students who were in the pretzel making seminar all enjoyed it, and they would like to have the opportunity to do it again.

There are many students who think that seminars should be done again, but there are a few who think that they are a waste of time and they shouldn’t be brought back.

A couple of seniors were asked if they should be brought back for students next year and if they were to be brought back, what some new options should be.

“I think that if they have another military seminar that they should have one for each branch, instead of just bringing in the army. It kind of shows favoritism. I think they should also have some more life skills seminars instead of just learning how to do taxes,” said Michael Standish (‘19).

Some other suggestions were cutting out customer service, adding one to teach about sex in teenagers (trying to prevent the risks), and to have a class about the special ed students to teach ignorant kids what those people really go through. And to maybe have the president of Best Buddies speak during the seminar. Another suggestion was to do two seminars in one day so that the schedules aren’t so messed up.

Students have said that they would be more excited about seminars if there were going to be more fun options for the classes. A suggestion was for the seminars to be more interactive or if there could have been better movies in the satire and film seminar.