New Bell brings Controversy to Belvidere North

New Bell brings Controversy to Belvidere North

Justin Trimble, reporter

We all know what this is about. We all came back from spring break and at 8:10 we all became very alert of something, we all didn’t know exactly what happened, but we knew something was going on. We all quickly realized that the stupid noise was our new bell.

With the old bell North administration was unable to change the schedule of the bells. Using this new system allows our administrators to change the schedule of the bell easily and without having to involve outside sources. It makes perfect sense why the changed the bells, I just wish it sounded better.

It started off on Monday just being strange because of the fact that we were not used to it. If I were to describe this noise, I’d say it sounds like a prison alarm that tells the inmates to go back to your cells. All that was fine if you could get used to it though.

On Tuesday and Wednesday for some unknown reason the volume was turned up, so not only was it unpleasant, but it also made me want to rip my ears out.

Honestly, it’s not the worst change that this school has ever had, (just look at the horse painting in the wrestling room) but it’s a big one. There’s no problem with the bell once we get used to it. It may not sound as happy or peaceful as the other one, but that’s ok.

Didn’t we all hate the old bell it was always at least two minutes off and teachers would still be lecturing at 3:02 and I’m trying to leave. This new bell isn’t that bad it’s just not a nice sound.