Senior Superlative Results Are In

Senior Superlative Results Are In

Sofi Zeman, Editor-In-Chief

Each year, the seniors nominate students in their class to fit a set of given superlatives. These are the senior superlative outcomes for the Class of 2019.

Class Clown: Zachary Sederquist

Cutest Couple: Sean Hesano and Sofia Zeman

Most School Spirit: Noah Bankord and Ashlyn Smith

Most Likely to Succeed: Matthew Albrecht and Maya Moucharraife

Class Mom and Dad: Annie O´Malley and Joseph Prokop

Best Bromance: Burke Cochran and Johnathan Giesecke  

Should´ve Been Sisters: Alexandra Wis and Emma Carpenter

Most Severe Case of Senioritis: Erin McCarty

Best Dressed: Daniel Dill and Karely Reyes

Loudest: Kayla Woodard  

Quietest: Nolan Hawkes

Most Changed: Tommy Wenger and Ellie Cummings

Best Laugh: Dominic Gallo and Brianna Lake