Controversy in the Music Industry over Old Town Road

Controversy in the Music Industry over Old Town Road

Justin Trimble, reporter

Is it Country? Or is it trap? Old Town Road is taking the music industry by storm recently hit the number one singles chart throughout the last couple of weeks. With lyrics as “Cowboy Hat from Gucci, Wrangler on my Booty,” it’s combining two worlds that can clash.

After it surpassed 7 Rings by Ariana Grande it was taken off the top country songs. They stated it was a mistake that it was on that list in the first place since it “does not embrace enough elements of today’s country music.”

After it was taken off the country charts some fans of the song surged about the chart being racist. After a shifty move by the 20-year-old trap artist, he made a remix of the song with the legendary country singer Billy Ray Cyrus.

“It reminds me of the story Romeo and Juliet”, stated Robert Malmkar (‘21). “It’s great that they’re bringing the industries together but there’s going to be so many people who ignore it or don’t want it to happen”.

“When these two genres collide there won’t be many good songs that come out of it. The tempos won’t mix well, the artist’s styles won’t mix with their personality or fashion sense. it’s just hard to think about where the artist is going to put his style into the trap part of the song or, the country part of the song,” said Anna Malon (‘21).

When surveyed forty percent of North students said it was a trap song and 60% said it was a combination of the two. These statistics only prove that more people think that it needs to lean to one side or the other, being a (Country/Trap) genre, yet no one in the poll stated it was a country song.

If you would like to listen to this song for yourself here’s a link so you can view for yourself and have your own opinion