BNHS Hypnotist

BNHS Hypnotist

Matthew Turn, Reporter

After a long time practicing for SAT all freshmen-juniors were brought to an assembly and were given a show by Jeff Jay a hypnotist who has performed in many places like clubs, high schools, and colleges all over the country.

The show started with a small introduction and the alluded to an announcement at the end of the show. Jeff then got volunteers and had them sit down as he played “music” and put most under hypnosis while some were not and were sent back into the audience, Though there were some people who were obviously faking it but did not want to go back to the audience.

There were also many who were obviously under hypnosis as most had genuine reactions and actions that could not be faked.

The show had some really funny moments when he had them laughing at a funny “movie” crying at another and then fearful at a third that each person had imagined themselves. At one point he had people dancing with each other in sometimes groups of three.

Though there were some parts that were obviously trying to cater to younger audiences by having them “whip”. The show did have some good neutral comedy that anyone could enjoy.

In the end, Mr. Young who is a business teacher announce that Jeff would be doing another show again at BNHS on Wednesday, April the 17th. The admission is eight dollars for an adult, five dollars for students and under, $20 for a family of four. The show’s marketing will be organized by DECA. When asked If Mr. Young believed in hypnosis and why he responded with,

“I do. The human mind is phenomenally powerful, but also extremely malleable, and the power of suggestion and hypnosis is just another way we can dig into the deeper recesses of what our minds are capable of.”

On April 17th at 7:00 the show started with only a total of 30 people arriving for the show. This was a disappointing turnout as DECA expected to have hundreds of people there. Despite this, the show was really good starting with a comedic magic act participated by Mr. Fry that quite humorous as it made the audience laugh with each ironic joke.

When the hypnosis part started he selected nine volunteers and then started with his part of the show. Though the show was a lot like the one after the PSAT there were some deviations like hoe there was an Easter bunny section where one the people was the Easter bunny and had the others reacting to it.

Overall the show was funny and had some funny jokes poking fun at the fact of the smaller crowd.