Are Prom Tickets Worth the Price?


Rachel Nelson, Sports Editor

Prom. It’s one of the things that little girls dream about. Getting the perfect dress, having the perfect makeup, the perfect hair, and the perfect date. But is it really worth the price that students are paying for it?

This year, tickets were $70 on sale or $80 not on sale. This paid for chicken parmesan, that could have been better, a dance that was mainly a grind circle surrounding two special needs students, and music that was subpar.

“The food wasn’t worth what we were paying and a lot of high school students don’t have a lot of money, so it’s hard to afford a dress, shoes, hair and makeup and the ticket,” said Emily Nipper (‘20).

There are some people who only stayed at prom so long because they paid all that money and they didn’t want to waste their money on two to four hours at a dance.

Those prices are just the tickets. You then have to add in the price of a dress, shoes, and hair and makeup if you aren’t doing those things yourself. A girl can spend anywhere from $90-$800 on a dress. The average is about $225.

If the couple going together are boyfriend and girlfriend, then the guy just dropped $140-$160 on prom tickets, and he still has to rent or buy his tux. That on its own is roughly $190.  

Adding up all of these prices, it comes out to about $555 per couple if they bought their tickets on sale and if the girl did her hair and makeup on her own. This isn’t worth it to go to a dance for a few hours and take a few pictures. There are better things that $500 can be spent on.

“I think it was worth the price because it was a nice venue and food was included. Not every prom has that,“ said Ann Christianson (‘19).

“Prom was a lot of fun, the only thing was the food wasn’t all that great so that was kind of a bummer, but overall I thought the dance was a good one,” said Brinley Hefty (‘19).