Coming To An AMC Near You


Sofi Zeman, Editor-In-Chief

     As of recently, AMC has introduced a new assigned seating initiative. Before, one was able to merely stroll into a theater, purchase a ticket and grab a seat. Now, seat selection has become a less lenient part of the process. Here’s how it works.


     Like before, customers of AMC are still able to purchase their tickets both online and in person. Now, one must choose the seat they wish to sit in during the ticket purchasing process. Each seat is of equal cost, which brings into question: why is this even worth doing?


     This initiative is a great way to keep things organized. It’s nice to see exactly how many seats are filled up in a theater in order to avoid overselling for a single showing room. This is perfect for that one quiet movie goer that wants that one last seat on opening night for Captain Marvel, who does not mind being wedged between two strangers in the front row. Unfortunately, this individual is a rare occurrence in nearly each and every surrounding area.


     It totally makes sense why this is being put in place. This system makes AMC worker´s lives easier. But, there is an undeniable amount of drawbacks that comes with this. Because this is done during the ticket selection process, it takes up a decent amount of time. Ticket lines that were once out the door have almost doubled in the time that it takes to explain and complete the seat selection process with customers.


   This is also a major inconvenience for the ¨I´ll meet you there,” group at the theaters. In order to absolutely ensure that a group of people sit together, they have to all wait to purchase tickets together, inevitably lengthening the time that each person waits in the rapidly growing line. The impatient souls (for which I sympathize) who do not wish to wait in line often end up buying tickets for everyone, which while dumbly considerate,  is definitely an inconvenience with today’s ticket prices.


     But are these inconveniences worth changing everything back? Not really. While this is slightly unfortunate, it is definitely not the end of the world. Eventually, everyone will get used to this new transition.