Belvidere North Girls Softball Starts Conference


After having a pretty good non conference season the girls started conference on April 8.  

      “So far our season hasn’t been going as well as we hoped. I think we have a lot more talent and potential than what our record shows. I look forward to seeing how we can come together as a team and progress as the season continues, said Breanna Kirane (‘19).

Their first conference game was away against Auburn on April 8.  The team played well defensively and especially offensively beating Auburn 14-4.

The second conference game was against our crosstown rivals the Belvidere Bucs on April 10.  In the first inning, the Bucs came out swinging making the score 1-0. By the sixth inning, they were tied 4-4.  In the top on the seventh, the Bucs knew if they didn’t score they would have to hold us at a tie. North had great defense and held them 4-4.  With a runner on first, Emily Nipper (‘20) was up to bat. Coach Hilden gave her the bunt sign to advance the runner to second. After getting two strikes on her, Nipper knew she had to put the ball in play.  The next pitch was down the middle, Nipper swung and hit the ball off the scoreboard having her first walk-off home run. The final score was 6-4.

“I knew just from warm ups that my hitting was on point that day.  I did what I always do during warm ups which is, imagine the ball driving, but that day I imagined it going over the fence since we were in need of a run.  Having two outs and two strikes on me, I had the ambition to hit it over,” said Nipper.

The girls played a double header against Sycamore on April 13.  The first game, North got shot out 16-0. The girls knew they would have to get their bats going the second game.  They played better defensively and offensively but unfortunately lost 8-1.

Their next game was at Freeport on April 16.  Going into the game, they knew their defense and offense had to be clean because of Freeport’s good pitching.  North played good on defense but struggled offensively. They lost 10-3.

“I think we let the good pitching to get to our heads at the beginning of the game.  After a couple innings, we started to put the ball into play and decrease the number of strikeouts we had, but overall I thought our team fought really well against their dominant pitcher” said Mackenzie Orozco (‘19).

North played at Guilford on April 17.  The girls had a solid seven innings beating Guilford 14-1.  

Their next game was against Hononegah on April 18.  The team knew they would have to be on point both defensively and offensively because Hononegah is a good hitting team and has always had good pitching in the past.  The team had some good offensive plays but struggled getting the bats going, losing 14-1.

Their most recent game was at Hampshire on April 20.  Hampshire is a good hitting and defensive team which meant they didn’t have room for any errors.  The two of three runs scored were both solo home runs by Aliyah Gaytan (‘19) and Becca Schwartz (‘22).  Unfortunately, North lost 4-3.

The girls take on Boylan tomorrow at 4:30 at home.  Come support!