Does getting an abortion mean death penalty?


Priscila Chavez, Reporter

     “My bill simply accomplishes one goal, it brings equal treatment for unborn human beings, under the law,” said Tony Tinderholt, member of the Texas House of Representatives. Tinderholt who’s been a state legislator since 2015 recently declared a new bill which could result in women getting a death penalty for having an abortion in the state of Texas.

     The bill which was discussed at a hearing insisted that there would be no exceptions for rape or incest. The bill would be possible to charge a woman with homicide for having a procedure done since Texas allows capital punishment for homicide. Although the bill is unlikely to happen it was still introduced by Tinderholt and talked about.

     “It is better if abortions are legal and regulated. If the woman gives the child up for adoption, there might be a heavy chance that the child might not get adopted with the centers always being full. The older a child gets the least chance it has of being adopted and that makes most children feel unwanted. Leading up depression, suicide, and violence. Also, there are many chances in which people just look into the foster and adoption system to receive money and abuse the children and puts them in danger,” said Vanessa Lujan (‘20).

     Back in 2017, the bill was first introduced it never got a public hearing. But Tinderholt reintroduced the bill in the state’s legislative session and was heard public testimony on the bill for the first time earlier this month.

     The bill’s initial purpose is to “reduce unplanned pregnancies.” but most people did not agree with Tinderholt’s effort. Many found it wrong and thought that a bill shouldn’t be able to tell a woman what to do with her body. Especially by punishing them with the death penalty.

     “I don’t think that someone who isn’t even a female should be able to have a say in what another female wants to do with their body. It should be our choice, not someone else’s. If a woman is not ready for a baby she should have the option to have an abortion, if she isn’t ready financially or mentally the baby could grow up in a bad environment. And it is also not about the female just having unprotected sex there are many situations in which a condom could break, rape, or many other situations. It can always happen,” said Mariana Cardoso (‘19).