Snow in April

Nico Arena, Reporter

You obviously know that most places in the United States have to deal with the cold weather. For some States, that means dealing with all four seasons of climate. Other places deal with the problem of being hot all year round. It is very interesting how weather actually works and why some places get cold weather and others get hot weather. This has to do with where the equator lies and how close or far the place is from it. ┬áThe equator divides the earth surface into the northern and southern hemispheres. For the people who live in the Midwest, more exactly Illinois, they are 2815 miles away from it. This puts them into a large range of temperatures. Illinois gets very hot temperatures and it also gets severely cold temperatures. Most recently northern Illinois got about 2-4 inches on snow in the month of April. This may seem very unusual to people who have never seen snow in a month that is considered to be spring, but for those who live in the Midwest, these types of things happen so often. Not to mention that three days before this snow storm, the temperatures in Illinois reaches 70 degrees. ┬áThis type of weather is so unpredictable but I guess that’s what you get for living in the Midwest. One of the common questions is why does this happen so often and what is causing it? Many say global warming is the cause of this extreme weathers, while others say that this has been happening for thousands of years and it just normal. No one really know exactly who the culprit is for these types of temperatures but one thing mid westerners do know is that they should never put away their snow stuff to early because the odds are, they will have to take it out again when is snows in April.