Belvidere North Girl’s Soccer


Nico Arena, Reporter

The Belvidere North girls soccer season is underway. These past couple weeks have been great soccer for the girls. They have a very young group of girls that will make their team next year, led by a couple of strong leading seniors that have been on varsity in past years. Head Coach is Jeremy Naff who does a great a great job with his girls, always pushing education first. There is a lot of trust that goes into these girl every week and that starts with grades. It also helps that this group of girls are all really close and that chemistry really stands out when they are on the field. One big goal for Coach Naff was, he wanted his team to be top three in the NIC-10, which North is currently ranked 3rd with only a couple of games left. Another thing that Coach Naff would like is for the girls to compete for a regional championship game but in order to do that they will have to face off with conference leaders, Freeport and Boylan. Freeport and Boylan have yet to play North or each other and they both still stand undefeated in conference. North this year has just past double digits and has a total of ten wins so far this season and they hope to keep the winning streak alive. Coach Naff also said that every year is different and this year’s group is unique and how newer players had to take some time and find their strengths and weaknesses, but mainly just that pressure of competing at the varsity level. But for those who aren’t new and are familiar with being on that stage, they really started to stand out and become leaders.