Theater’s final currtains

Theaters final currtains

Matthew Turn, Reporter

Theatre comes to an end as they had their last Improv show and last shows.

Improv ended with their last show on April 18, it contained many jokes and jests as always and had many inside jokes that people who have seen every show will get.

The show went from 7:30-9 and had the black box full of people waiting to watch. After the show,  Mrs.Taylor announced again that though she will be resigning as the theater teacher she will still be with the Improv anonymous team.

Theater also held its last two shows on May third, the first being a play called “And” and the second called “Lockdown.”  Both of these stories are student directed. “And” was directed by Anna Karl (‘20) and Gabrielle Tifft (‘19). “Lockdown” was directed by Adam Soper (‘19).

“And” started at 7:30 with the character Aaron talk about the “and factor” and how everything is happening at any given moment in time, to the important to the irrelevant. He then uses this to try to get into his own story as he tries to avoid it at the same time.

This was played by Mark Magallanes (‘21) who was originally was the understudy but became the main role due to some personal reasons for the original main actor.

When asked what exactly what was the hardest part of picking up the part Mark stated,

“Memorizing the script was a challenge but the hardest part was the character himself because he had to relate to the character and try to find a past experience to relate even if it means bringing up some unpleasant ones,” said Magallanes.

The second play “Lockdown” was about a classroom of teenagers in a high school on lockdown and no one knows if it is a drill or not as it last for hours and the PA system is down.

During a complication the teacher ran out of the room, leaving the students all by themselves and wondering if the lockdown is real or fake and if they should try to get out of the classroom. While wondering, fights break out and people grow close as they are all scared of what they do not know.

This play emphasizes not the whole of being in lockdown but of interactions between others on how some do not get along at all and others get along if they let go of their differences.