Why Go To College Abroad?

Why Go To College Abroad?

Burke Cochran, Asst. Editor-in-Chief


Seniors this year are finishing high school and moving on to college. One of the most tedious parts of the process for seniors was simply deciding where to apply with so many options. Many opt to stay closer to home – applying to local schools such as RVC, NIU, or U of I. But with college increasingly becoming more expensive, and so many options that are very similar, looking outside of the box might help to give a student a more fulfilling and unique college experience.


The average cost for Americans attending a private university was $34,740 dollars. This pales in comparison to $13,130 cost that Americans pay attending European universities. Going to school abroad may very well be the more financially feasible option.


And many of these schools are even accredited in the United States. For example, students looking to still be in an American-oriented environment while studying in another country could apply to the American University of Paris, the American University of Rome, or John Cabot University in Rome. All of which offer accreditation in their respective European countries, but also offer United States accreditation.


A common concern among students looking to go to study in another country might be worried about not speaking the host language – but that’s exactly the point. Studying in another country will allow you to learn another language, giving you a whole new point of view through accessing a new culture, but also really advantageous in the job market. And as for university classes – there’s no need to worry – many universities worldwide use English as the academic lingua franca. For example, the Paris Institute of Political Science (SciencesPo), offers two campuses in which all of the classes are taught in English. This schools is ranked fourth in the world for Political Science and International Affairs. And this is even true outside of Europe. Take, for example, Tokyo International University which offers several degree programs entirely in English, at a fraction of the cost of attending US universities.


Going to school abroad might be the less comfortable option, but it may very well be the better one with cheaper school, learning a new language, and countless opportunities to see more of the world.