2019 Annual Student Faculty Volleyball Game


Student team blocks and returns a hit from the faculty side.

Anna Hulstedt, Features Editor

      DECA hosted North’s second annual student faculty volleyball game. In the past, it has been a basketball year, but this was the second year that North had a volleyball match instead. Similar to last year, the winners of the N Club volleyball tournament would play the teachers in the assembly game.

      “The entire event was planned/organized and run by DECA, including the Student Volleyball tournament with 10 teams playing last Saturday night. The winner of the tournament was the team that got to play the faculty at the assembly. DECA members Mara Parker (‘20), Matt Albrecht (‘19), Zach Matzl (‘20), Samantha Allen (‘20), Bennett Baker (‘20) and others all put the event together. From advertising, to scheduling, working with custodial staff, and setting up and tearing down the event, DECA members were responsible for the entirety of the event” said Mr. Young, North’s DECA advisor.

      The student team “Tanner and Friends” advanced to the game against the teachers. Tanner Mateus (‘19), Hector Rodriguez (‘19), Brinley Hefty (‘19), Aaron Mitchell (‘19), Madison Diercks (‘20) and Macy Oldani (‘20) made up the student team. Oldani couldn’t be at the game, so Matzl took her place for the assembly.

      The teacher team was comprised of Mr. Stinson, Mr. Young, Mr. Graffy, Mrs. Getty, Miss Gorham, Ms. Doyle, Mrs. Meyerholz, and Mrs. Mariano.

      North’s pep band played at the beginning of the game, as well as during the halftime activity. DECA members helped organize and plan the assembly. Clayton Tryon (‘20) and Cal Taylor (‘20) were responsible for commentating the game, while Dr. Vermillion kept score.

      The teachers won the coin toss to serve first, but the first match was easily won by the students, with the score being 25 to 9. Mr. Page and Alexandra Wis (‘19) reffed the game.

      Following the first game was a five minute break for students to have the opportunity to serve volleyballs in order to hit inside hula hoops on the other side of the net. Many students participated, but it wasn’t clear if anyone really won a Culver’s coupon from the activity.

      The teachers started out the second set strong, with points going back and forth between the teachers and students. However, the faculty fell behind in the second half of the game, losing the second match 25-15. Mitchell had the last point to secure the victory.

      Even though the students officially won the volleyball game, the third game was played for fun in which the teachers won 25-24. The students dragged behind the faculty for most of game, but the students came back towards the end to tie up the game. At the end, the teachers scored one more point to be considered the winners of the third set, even though a win in volleyball must be by two points.

      Hefty and Diercks commented after the game, “The tournament that led into the game was fun, and it was really exciting to have all the students cheer us on during the game.”