Sweeping the halls


Empty high school hallway illustration

Matthew Turn, Reporter

With the year coming to an end, North decided to try out an idea for students who do not make it to class on time. Sweeps of the school would be made after class has started and any students that were found in the hallway without an office pass would be taken to ISS for the period and would work on homework.

The first sweeps started on the seventh of May and ended on Wednesday the 10th. According to Mr. Fry, the rate of students not showing up to class dropped by 59% over Monday to Wednesday which was a great success. Due to the great results, sweeps will become a regular thing next year.

Though it does sound like this would punish people who have a long way to go across the school to get to there next class this is not the case. The sweeps are meant for those who avoid classes by wandering the halls. The teachers are required to close their doors a minute after the bell rings, this gives a little more time to the students are not wondering to get to class. After the minute teachers close the doors and cannot open them for any student unless they have an office pass.

The sweeps are not perfect though with there being a few mishaps with students working in the halls and then almost being taken to ISS.  When asked what could be improved with the sweeps Mr. Fry said,

“I felt the sweeps themselves were pretty efficient. An improvement I would like to make is to incorporate more interventions into the process. Providing students with more interventions following the sweeps will make them more efficient because we are identifying and addressing the needs of our students who are avoiding the classroom. By addressing these needs, the number of students roaming the halls will decrease.”