Abortion now a Felony in Alabama


Alabama’s state governor ,Kay Ivey, has recently signed a bill to make abortion in Alabama near-totally illegal with only one exception in this bill that would make it not a felony. If the birth of the child puts the mother’s life in danger, then an abortion is necessary and no law enforcement will be notified.

This does not sound too bad for a conservative until you recognize that victims of rape don’t have the right to have an abortion. Conservatives are even angered by this bill calling out the fact that there’s no charismatic solution for girls who have been raped is not right.

“Although the law is controversial it will help protect the right of the unborn,” claimed Emelyn Smuskiewicz.  She is a conservative but still agrees that there can be a better way to deal with children of rapes and incest. Besides just killing them.

“What’s to stop someone from forcing themselves into an abortion by just saying they were raped” an anonymous source was concerned. This person didn’t want to be named but was a good contributor of how life is important. All life.

The person whos getting an abortion cannot be charged in Alabama, but the person who gives the abortion to that person would be charged. The fine for giving an abortion is 10 years- life in prison.

Overall there is no good way to solve this debate without stepping on a few toes first. The only way to make everyone happy is to stop arguing and worry about ourselves.