James Charles Scandal


Yasmin Vizguerra, Reporter

The beauty community faced lots of drama recently with events that unfolded at Coachella surrounding two major influencers, James Charles and Tati Westbrook.

     The scandal began at Coachella when Charles was given security to him and his friends by the Sugar Bear vitamin company.

     Later on, James posted a sponsored ad for Sugar Bear, something Tati took offense to as she has her own vitamin company that Charles had previously swore his loyalty to.

     Tati, 37, posted a 43-minute video titled ‘BYE SISTER’ on May 10, recounting the situation in a longer video after posting a series of tearful videos to her Instagram Stories days prior.

     In the video, she expressed how upset she was over the situation where Charles lied and hurt her feelings.

    Tati also spoke about how when he was first starting out his career as a beauty influencer, she supported him from the beginning, essentially starting his career and helping him get brand deals and management deals.

    She explained throughout the video that she never asked for anything in return and truly thought of him as family.

     She also spoke about how he was a sexual predator, explaining a situation at her birthday dinner when he spoke about explicit things he’d do to the waiter and when Westbrook confronted him, James said “I don’t care, I’m famous.”

     “I feel like that comment may have stirred the pot with all the drama but since it was all online when Tati posted it made it even worse,” said Jeanette Franco (‘20).

    After the video was posted, exposing James’ cruel behavior, loyal fans of the male beauty guru swore their allegiance to Tati.

    Charles then posted an apology video, people on social media platforms comparing it to the Laura Lee apology where she fake cried.

     Jeffree Star also got involved on Twitter, promising fans an explanation as to why he would never allow him back in his Calabasas home after being banned.

     Tati also released a second video explaining why she did it and how she felt no remorse in exposing his true character and stood by everything she said.

     Over the weekend, both Jeffree and James posted videos, Jeffee’s explaining the James situation and how’d he wouldn’t get involved further as he had said he would over Twitter, saying he was embarrassed for inserting himself into a situation even though he agreed James’ actions were troublesome.

    Jeffree also spoke about sending a mean tweet to James’ brother, Ian, apologizing for making the situation more personal to him than it was.

    James uploaded his ‘No More Lies’ video in which he explained the entire situation with proof of everything that happened with the people involved.

    James said the situation was blown out of proportion especially in the situations where he was allegedly forcing himself on someone in high school was completely made up and the person who made the whole thing up later claimed it to be a “social experiment” which only further put James into a bigger hole of drama.

     “All this drama makes the situation worse with everyone at each other’s throats and I feel that it is actually ruining people’s lives,” said Yesenia Vizguerra (‘20).

    Charles also claimed to make consistent efforts to contact Tati and others involved to explain and once James provided proof that the drama was almost all lies, is when those involved wanted to make efforts to try and talk it over.

    Situations between James’ efforts with boys were explained by one of those involved that he did not do any of the things people were claiming that he had done.

   Through it all, the drama seems to have subsided since then as now more and more people seem to be switching sides on who to side with.