Boeing Knew About the Problems With the 737 Max and Did Nothing About Them


New research tells us that the manufacturer of the 737 Max Aircraft knew about the problems before the deadly crash, but decided not to say anything.

Boeing acknowledged that an alert system that was supposed to be standard, but it was not operable in all airplanes.

Boeing stated that their senior leadership team did not know these problems until after the crash.  The AOA indicator lets pilots know if the AOA sensors is not working, while the disagree alert shows if the sensors contradict each other.

Former Boeing engineers and aviation analysts criticized Boeing’s original software design for relying on data from a single AOA senor, claiming that those devices are vulnerable to defects.  One week after the crash Boeing added a line in an FAA airworthiness directive that said the disagree flight was optional.  It’s not clear if Boeing alerted the airline customers of the issue.

The company stated that “All customers with previously delivered MAX airplanes will have the ability to activate the AOA Disagree alert.”

The 737 didn’t meet the standards that your supposed to have to have your airplane up to date.  Neither the FAA nor Boeing interfered with the fleets operations until the Ethiopian Airlines crash in March of 2019, when the 737 Max jets were grounded, which caused problems and issues for three major US airlines.  Boeing also convened a Safety Review Board to consider whether the absence of the AOA Disagree alert from certain 737 MAX flight displays presented a safety issue.

The main issue with all this is that it’s not known yet if the alert function is the cause of the crashes of Lion Air and Ethiopian airlines, which killed 346 people.  The evidence, and all the research is starting to show that it is the factor, but they need more evidence to truly show it was.

The research also showed the timeline of how long someone could know, to when the crash actually happened. The other thing that may need to be brought into action is legal problems for the manufacturer of the plane, and if they really knew these problems before this happened.  If they knew about the problems, they could be looking at legal actions, for what happened to the airplanes back in March.

Boeing is still working on how to fix the problems with the planes, but it’ll take some time.  They want to make sure that something like this never happens again, and if it is the alert system, they will have to fix it.  They have already worked out certain things, but it could ultimately take awhile.