2018-19 School Year Coming To a Close


Marissa Johnson, Reporter

As the 2018-19 school year is coming to an end, we say goodbye to our seniors.

Sofi Zeman’s became a member of the Northview her sophomore year, she said “It’s kind of crazy that in just a few short months the environment that I’m used to being in every single day will be entirely different from what it is now. It’s a little sad to have to say goodbye to high school but I think a lot of us are ready to move on.”

For many, high school isn’t a hard place to leave, some are forced to make decisions about what colleges to attend or maybe taking a year off to travel and have fun. Whatever your choice may be we can all agree that this year’s seniors will be missed.

Raquele Decker was member of Belvidere Norths Yearbook club and when asked about her view of school and what her experience was like she said this; “School was fun, it felt like a place for me to make mistakes and grow safely, but after a while I didn’t think I would miss it. There’s parts that I won’t miss and parts that I will or do miss already.”

To some people this is one of the easiest goodbyes anyone can make. The difficulty comes when we have to face the fact that they won’t be back next year. As the seniors close this chapter of their life they are opening a new one by becoming adults who used their high school experience to shape them into the people they’re today.