Summer Jobs

Summer Jobs

Matthew Turn, Reporter

With summer break upon us, many are looking to relax but there are some who are starting there summer off by getting a job to make some cash. For those who are going to try and get a summer job, there are some tips that would be beneficial for anyone to learn.

If you are below the age of 18 then you would first need to get a working permit with your parent’s permission.

Another thing to make sure to do is to have an easy mode of transportation. It would not be recommended to have to travel to your job long distance on a bike or by walking.

When looking for a summer job it is better to start looking before school ends to get a head start on the better jobs rather than starting later and getting the jobs that no one wants.

Another thing one should do is try to use connections whether it’s through a friend or maybe a neighbor or family member.

When you get an interview it is best to not lie and use some common sense, You do not want to say you have cooking experience when you do not and are then forced to back down. Also, try to stand out in a good way by not overdoing it while also not lowballing the interview. This also applies to when you are learning about hours, do not take on so many hours and then have to immediately change them because they are interfering with your day to day life

When you get a job make sure to keep yourself safe by having sunscreen and not taking major risks that could put you in harm and out of a job.

Jake VanAnrooy (21’) pursuing a summer job at a local grocery store and when asked how he is approaching the task,

“ I plan on filling out an online form and get some help from a friend who is working there to secure a job interview and then describe how I have the time for the job and how close I am to the location in order to guarantee I will be there on time.”  Jake VanAnrooy (21’).